Quality and Innovative Clarinet Parts

Introducing revolutionary designs
    in clarinet bells and barrels

Royal Musical Collection provides a selection of handcrafted clarinet bells and barrels of unsurpassed quality.
Our products are fabricated from carefully selected materials such as American cocobolo and African blackwood which generate rich mature timbre. Through newly patented technology, the Royal bells and barrels offer better tonal quality with enhanced resonances and intensity.

Royal clarinet bells and barrels are conceived and designed by Yuan Gao, a preeminent clarinetist of world standing. His innovations are furthering clarinet’s continual evolution, keeping it on the cutting edge of music making as it remains a very popular instrument into the 21st Century.

Royal Collection has been hailed as a significant milestone in clarinet technology, the embodiment of beautiful craftsmanship combined with deep understanding of the acoustics and subtleties of clarinet. It is only natural that Royal products have gained a loyal following through the years. For anyone wishing to improve or revitalize his/her clarinet, our Royal bells or barrels offer a perfect solution.

"This is exactly what I was looking for for many years-Viennese warmth 
  and smoothness of tone, with American power and intensity. Bravo!"
                                                                      ~Eli Eban~
"With the  Royal barrel and bell, I get a bigger, more resonant sound that is at the same time darker, more colorful and more powerful. It really lets me sing through the instrument".
                                                                ~Jonathan Cohler~